Early Adopter Program

For all museums that want to create
a new experience for their visitors.

Become a pioneer of an
edutainment innovation.

Take part in the development.

Benefit from special conditions.

Customized process

Each museum offers individual spaces and ideas for exciting stories and puzzles. For this reason, each museum thriller adventure becomes an adventure that you can experience only in this one special place.

Step 1
Exploring the museum.

Together with the team of the museum we discover the potential of the available space and talk about the theme, which either suits an exhibition or is freely chosen.


Step 2
Emerging the story and its puzzles.

The spatial conditions and the desired theme are the basis for the storytelling and the appropriate puzzles of the new adventure.

Step 3
Adapting and installing the appropriate mechanics.

The puzzles are partly programmed digitally for the app and partly mounted analog for the real rooms in the museum (e.g. door code, treasure chest, switch, lever ...).


Starting the adventure!

The Museum Thriller app is equipped with the new adventure. From now on, visitors can also solve mysteries in this museum.


With Museum Thriller, a subconscious, playfully implemented knowledge transfer takes place. The player is involved in the story and can learn something through independent action and is entertained in the process.
Museum Thriller's collaboration with museums is sustainable, as the app can be used for diverse content and expanded as needed. For example, different versions with different age ratings or difficulty levels can be set up.


  • A new kind of interplay between digital and reality.
  • More than ordinary escaperooms: more open, larger and more educational.
  • Flexibly expandable.

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