The interaction of the
virtual and the real.

Museum Thriller is an experience in the museum building that poses puzzles and tasks to visitors, allowing them to experience exhibitions in a novel way.
Numerous objects and mechanics in the real exhibition spaces interact with the digital elements of the Museum Thriller app on visitors' smartphones during their visit.

The theme of the exhibition gives rise to a story that fuses real with virtual space and actively involves the players in the exhibition.

Send your visitors on an adventure and
let them experience the interaction …


of the virtual …


…and the real.


They will uncover secrets …

Head of the Tyche

2,000 years old


Goddess of Fate

35cm tall

… and learn new things.

Bring the thrill to your museum!

For the first Museum Thriller adventures we are looking for special museum facilities,
that are ready to expand their offer with a new kind of experience.


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